11 Must Try Diffuser Blends

When my favorite candle company, Illuminations, went out of business in 2009, I was really bummed out.

Illuminations was the only store that sold candles that didn’t nauseate me, give me a migraine, or send black smoke pluming through the air. My very favorite candle was rosemary grapefruit, and the last one I owned is now a small slab with a pitiful buried wick.

Luckily, I don’t need scented candles anymore. Why? Because I have my essential oil diffuser and my list of trusty essential oil diffuser blends! Yay! :)

And, essential oil diffusers are even better than candles because they’re:

  • Great to diffuse for sleep without worrying about burning the house down.
  • Awesome at purifying and humidifying the air in your home instead of polluting it like candles do.
  • Convenient and can be used anywhere there’s an outlet and a flat surface.
  • Portable for diffusing at home, at work, or even in the car.
  • Natural mood boosters, to relax and calm, invigorate and uplift, or ground and balance.
  • For everyone – babies, kids, adults, elderly – in the home, workplace, gym, or car.

Awesome, right? Best of all, you can make your own essential oil diffuser blends. You can combine your favorite oils for truly custom scents.

So, let me share my 11 favorite essential oil diffuser blends with you to inspire you to get started.

essential oil diffuser blends

11 Must-Try Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

1. Illuminations Blend

Of course I recreated my favorite Illuminations candle in my diffuser. :) It’s so fresh and clean!

4 drops grapefruit + 2 drops rosemary

2. My Favorite Blend

This is my all-time favorite blend, to diffuse and to apply topically on the back of my neck. It’s so beautiful!

2 drops frankincense + 2 drops wild orange + 2 drops peppermint

3. Mr. Brightside Blend

This blend is so clear and bright, it almost sparkles.

2 drops cardamom + 2 drops bergamot

4. Winter Wellness Blend

Want to be well this winter? Try this immune and mood boosting blend!

2 drops On Guard + 2 drops frankincense + 2 drops lemon

5. Warm + Inviting Blend

The last time my plumber was here, I had this blend diffusing. He kept commenting on how good it smelled, and finally asked me what it was and where he could buy one. LOL.

2 drops cinnamon + 2 drops wild orange + 2 drops cardamom

6. Jump Around Blend

Need a mood boost? This blend’ll have you hopping!

2 drops Cheer + 2 drops peppermint

7. Chillax Blend

Grab your meditation pillow, get in lotus position, and prepare to chill.

2 drops lavender + 3 drops sandalwood

8. Enchanted Forest Blend

Want to know what it feels like to walk through magical woods? Then close your eyes and breathe in this enchanting blend.

2 drops Balance + 3 drops cedarwood

9. Christmas Tree Blend

This blend smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree. It’s perfect for the holidays!

3 drops Douglas fir + 2 drops juniper berry + 1 drop cedarwood

10. Heaven On Earth Blend

Uplifting and grounding at the same time, this blend is heaven on earth. :)

2 drops bergamot + 2 drops frankincense

11. C’mon Get Happy Blend

I’m singing that Partridge Family song just thinking about this blend! It’s pure happiness.

2 drops lemon + 2 drops wild orange + 2 drops bergamot + 2 drops grapefruit

As you can see, there are tons of essential oil diffuser blends! The combinations are truly endless, and so much better for you than yucky candles.

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